ProCharger® HO Intercooled System for 2006 - 10 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE SRT8 ProCharger is pleased to add the 2006-2010 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee ProCharger kit to the most diverse line of superchargers and supercharger kits on the planet. High Output Intercooled Systems and Intercooled Tuner Kits are now available, building on the already solid statistics for the SRT8, featuring the ultra-efficient air-to-air intercooler and upgradability that is hands down the best in the industry. With 160+ HP gain on 7 psi, torque and acceleration numbers are nothing short of amazing. A ProCharged SRT8 is on the same level as many supercars with its new found 0-60 times. HO Intercooled System • The coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains available • P-1SC-1 ProCharger, 3 year extended warranty available • Optional 5 year / 100K mile powertrain warranty eligible (HO System) • ProCharger’s patented and proven, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines • Easiest and quickest installation • 52 lb/hr fuel injectors and handheld programmer • Highly effective 3 core air-to-air intercooler – 1000 horsepower capacity • Available helical gearset for supercharger noise reduction • System is 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance HO Intercooled Tuner Kit • Omits programmer, fuel injectors, and Flowcharger fuel setup • Otherwise identical to HO Intercooled system • ProCharger upgrade options: D-1SC, F-1A, F-1D, F-1 An offering for 5.7L models is also being considered, based on demand. Thanks to industry leading power and AWD, ProCharger pushes the acceleration of Grand Cherokee SRT8’s into supercar numbers.
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