Description The I-1000-DCX is DiabloSport's all new inTune programmer for 2011+ Dodge Gas Vehicles! NOTE: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT SUPPORT 03-10 DODGE GAS APPLICATIONS, FOR 03-10 USE I-1000 inTune delivers an enhanced user experience with easy-to-understand menus controlled through a color touchscreen, automatic USB updates via the internet (with no cable kits to buy!), and broad range of vehicle support coupled with a host of vehicle specific features, all at an incredibly affordable price. It’s like no other flash tuning device available, offering all of the functions users want, and fits in your pocket! The Leaders in Chrysler Tuning Diablosport is likely to be the company with the single greatest influence on the Hemi-related aftermarket. The tuning and adjustment afforded by Diablosport’s control of the factory Chryslers PCM’s has played a pivotal role in what has become a prominent niche of the performance aftermarket. Many popular modifications to late-model Chargers, Challengers, Magnums, Ram Trucks and Jeeps would not have been practical, or even feasible, if it had not been for our innovations in tuning those vehicles. A 2011+ 6.4 SRT-8 Charger or Challenger will typically see a 25 hp and 25 ft/lb torque gain with no other modifications running the 93-octane tune. For the supported Jeep Wranglers, and 5.7L Rams our tunes are fully compatible with most cold-air kits and cat-back systems. Full Support for Custom Tuning Late-model Hemi vehicles are full of possibilities in modification, and serve as an excellent platform for all tastes in performance. One important feature of the inTune is that it fully supports custom tuning, and can store multiple files for a vast array of modifications. Diablosport’s CMR Dealer network is nationwide, so finding a qualified technician is an easy search via our online Dealer Locator. This could very well be the last handheld you ever need for your Chrysler or Jeep car or Truck! Data Logging The inTune offers users the ability to log and record information from the stock sensors in a numerical readout format, as well as additional input to log data read by an added aftermarket sensor, like a wideband O2 from such companies as AEM or PLX, an EGT sensor, and more. Automatic Online Updates Staying up to date with inTune couldn't be any easier: FREE updates come as downloads from the internet and load through our new Auto Updater with the included USB cable, requiring no software to install on your computer, and no additional purchases! This new technology means that sending a custom tune to the inTune is as simple as dragging and dropping it off the desktop of a Mac or PC. Updates can include improved tunes, new vehicle applications, better functionality and even new user interface enhancements.


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